Seeking “True Beauty” Advocates

I have some pretty amazing things planned for this blog coming soon! If you are or you know someone in the beauty industry or involved in an organization advocating women/girls and beauty from Portland, please send over an email (to with your name, contact info, and your organization/business no matter how big or small. If all works out, I would love to feature you on this blog!

Thanks for your long-time support, wonderful people.

Keep being you.



The Portland Girl


As you may know from reading my blog, I have been a huge advocate for skin care and beauty. “Take care of yourself not because you are lacking, but because you are worth it!” It has been a passion of mine to help others discover their inner beauty as I am learning to find my own. Being a Portland girl myself, I was honored to have the opportunity to visit The Portland Girl, a quaint yet oh-so-knowledgeable sugaring and skincare studio in NE Portland. (Take 1:37 to watch their video here!)

First of all, for opening in April this place is well-established. Fantastic reviews on Yelp already and for many reasons! Here are mine:
1) Amazing services. Ashley (who was taking care of me during my visit) taught me the ways of “sugaring” which is 10x better than waxing. I got my brows shaped and the sugar didn’t irritate my skin like wax typically does because it only gets as hot as body temperature. This really lowers the chance of those painful welts, which is a major plus in my book.

People, there is hope: total relaxation is totally a thing and I discovered it yesterday during my Glow Bomb facial. I’m pretty sure I was juuuust about to fall asleep the whole time. Which is good because I got to enjoy it fully and also be in a state of total relaxation. And as a bonus with your facial, they give you a leg and foot massage, and aromatherapy.

2) Stylish and relaxing atmosphere. I wish I could say that I don’t just books by their cover, but I really do. If you’re like me and know whether you’re going to like the service or not as soon as you walk into the place, you won’t be disappointed with the decor of this cute little studio. There are raw wood details and a clean display of local beauty products.They also have female empowering magazines like Darling and they will serve you a refreshing mimosa! AND their logo is an umbrella–how cute is that?!

FOR THOSE SENSITIVE TO SMELLS (Scentsitivity? Wow I’m good.)–  This place has a delicate, smooth aroma and nothing that is “punchy” or “zappy” if you know what I mean. So I am almost 100% sure that you won’t get a headache at all by being there. It’s soothing and calming. You can choose your aromatherapy and tell them which scents you are sensitive to. :)


3) Ultra friendly. From the first interaction with Anna, the co-owner, to the final “have a wonderful day” I felt like I was hanging with a stylish and savvy group of older sisters. I felt taken care of and I felt like I really mattered to them by being there that day.

I left the place with my face beaming (not in a greasy way) and feeling great. You should totally go stop in because those ladies are doing wonderful things!


I climbed a bridge!

Every so often I get that urge to go adventuring with a friend. I’m so blessed that I have a few that are itching to do that with me! My buddy Lauren and I packed up and drove to St. Johns to grab some much longed for photography of the gorgeous St. Johns Bridge. It is by far the prettiest bridge in Portland. She told me to climb up the side of the bridge, so I 2 feet up. Then I went to take pictures of her up there and she freakin’ climbed that thing basically to the top!  Of course, I (cautiously) followed her lead and did the same. I was just surprised at how quickly and diligently she climbed right on up! Foreshadowing of her LIFE? Probably.

 And uh, shout-out to that random dad for taking a few photos (and a video?!?!) of us up there. 





We then ventured farther north to shoot some more photos but by the time we got some pretty good shots, our stomachs were yelling at us to get some grub. So of course, we got Thai take-out and drank fancy French wine to end the day.


ImageAll of the photos of me shot by Lauren


BONUS: Here is a picture of me and Lauren at my wedding reception! Ain’t she a beaut? She’s also a great photographer. Go find her on instagram @laurensvatos. I love you Lauren, you lovely cat lady, you!