31 weeks!

As I’m typing this, Drew is pushing our stroller around the house after saying, “can you believe in just a few weeks a little baby will be in here?”

We have 9 weeks until due date but of course he could come sooner or later, but we are getting ready! Baby shower planning, registering, and even beginning to organize Baby’s room are all ways we are preparing recently. 

How am I doing, you ask? I’m excited! SOOO many good things, but I’m going to take a minute to list a couple of negatives happening too. Because it’s real life and I never feel like I should sugar-coat things. Here at 31 weeks, I feel exhausted like 80% of my waking hours and wide awake 20% of my sleeping hours which makes for sluggish days. I’ve got swollen ankles (and now feet!) after standing for just a couple of hours at work. 

Baby is kicking a lot (which is a good thing!) but his strongest limb or whatever is kicking me directly in my right side that both hurts and tickles! It makes me jump in the middle of the night sometimes which is pretty funny. 

I’m starting to get picky with smells and tastes again, so I have to eat basically exactly what I’m hungry for or it makes me feel a bit off. 

Oops I just discovered something else..I’m a little snappy again too! 

Other than that things have been awesome! My belly is fun to dress, although I find myself stealing Drew’s clothes often because t-shirts are so comfy—Sorry babe! 

Baby is now about 3.5 lbs (small-footed otter and romaine lettuce-sized) and is projected to grow 0.5lbs every week until he’s born! Grow, baby grow!

There are a couple of things I’d love to share with you, like my shower and skincare routines as well as a recipe for teas and a smoothie I’ve been having everyday. Stay tuned! 


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