24 weeks! 

Happy 6 months, to my little baby to-be! 

These last two weeks have been quite interesting. Two days before Christmas I came down with a pretty ugly cold that included a fever (I freaked a little bit about that because I accidentally read some forums, but it worked out ok) a bad cough and mega exhaustion. But hey! After living on the couch for two weeks and staying up all night coughing, I am definitely feeling like a real human again and I am SO thankful. 

Other than that Christmas was so much fun. We saw The Nutcracker Ballet, had a fancy lunch and had a little snow!

For New Years we dressed up fancy, stayed home and rested and watched the ball drop on tv. It was slightly uneventful and exactly what we needed. 

Next up we have the official pregnancy update!


I’ve noticed this week that I have been holding onto my belly more. I think now that it’s fairly obvious that I’m pregnant my belly is sticking out and it’s fun for me to start bonding with baby. It could be because he is kicking exponentially more each day and it’s hard to ignore (who would want to?)


For Christmas, we got these things called Belly Buds, which are basically headphones that are safe for the belly so baby can hear your voice and music. We tried it out and baby bopped around a bit and it was so sweet and fun!


Along the same theme, Baby is responding to sounds! At least I’m pretty sure he is. I was at worship practice tonight and as soon as the guitars started strumming, Little Guy starting moving and kicking and jumping around! It was pretty entertaining to watch and feel. 


According to my Ovia app, Baby Boy is now about 13 inches long and weighs 1.5 pounds—which is about the same size as an eggplant or an Atlantic puffin! He is starting to fill out his baby frame and has fully formed ears and fingernails and is starting to grow hair and eyelashes! It’s so fun to imagine what he will look like when he is finally here. So much love for that little bundle.


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