22 weeks pregnant

22 weeks! We are surely cooking along here, aren’t we? These past two weeks have been fun and interesting. I’m excited to share with you more! And I would L O V E for you to send me a comment below sharing your favorite mama-to-be instagram accounts or blogs!

I just celebrated my 26th birthday and am getting super excited for Christmas! My mom visited us last week and kept google-eyeing over my baby bump. “It’s sooooo cuuute, that little baby bump. Hey, you stranger, look at my daughter’s baby bump!” Okay, it wasnt that bad but it was really sweet of her.


I can now feel his kicks from the outside and it is so much fun that Drew can too! Sometimes when we are chilling on the couch, I will feel the baby kick and tell Drew and he’ll immediately stop what he is doing and feel for him too. Boy, it is the absolute sweetest and makes me want to cry.


It’s been so much fun trying out new outfits with my baby bump! I know it’s not anything huge but it’s a big deal to me because I can’t fit into my regular jeans anymore! So I’ve been getting creative with the things I’m wearing and it’s a cool challenge. Key: belt flowy dresses and don’t shy away from form-fitting items!


Soo, I’m pretty sure my innie belly button will soon turn into an outie! What a strange concept! So I had to snap a quick photo of that last innie sighting until the baby’s born. Also, Drew had to put one of my socks on for me the other day because I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t quite reach while wearing my maternity jeans. To keep my belly nice and moisturized, I’ve been using Outer Wisdom’s Rosewood Mango Butter. It’s an organic nourishing balm that has insanely wonderful ingredients, go look it up!


Baby Boy is now about a foot tall (!) and weighs almost a pound. HOLY SMOKES WHAT?! It’s like the week of two huge milestones! I guess he is now the size of a coconut or an ear of corn and when I read this it actually made me laugh out loud. The Babe can now hear sounds fairly well and is starting to recognize mine and Drew’s voices (and probably Obie’s bark?) which is hard to wrap my head around. Soon enough I will be reading and singing to him outside of the womb and that is just precious to think about.



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