19 weeks 

I’m already 19 weeks pregnant today, which means next week I will be HALFWAY THERE. So, I wanted to put together some observations and notes from the week. Hope you enjoy!


I feel like this week I have really been getting reactions from friends and family on how big my belly is finally getting! I guess some of that has to do with the fact that I’ve been living in chunky sweaters and layers so when I finally take my coat off I get, “Oh my gosh you have a belly now!” then I smile all giddy and validated. Helloooo baby bump! 


We got another ultrasound and I am over the moon! We got to see that baby has bones, toes, a nose, a pumping heart, a cute little cranium and is in fact A LITTLE FELLA! Modern technology is the coolest thing, I am so thankful that we can get a sneak peek of our little one. The technician said he is an incredibly active baby! Which explains and confirms the fact that I am starting to feel little kicks and movements. 


I’m not waddling or struggling to tie my shoes or anything but I definitely don’t feel quite as mobile. When I walk I kind of feel like I’m rotating my hips more than usual and that feels so strange?? Things are definitely changing and it’s weirding me out and also blowing my mind. Another odd thing is that my dreams are getting weird! Like last night I had a dream where I was sitting with a group of emo kids with half black and half white hair and they all told me that they wanted to vote for me and Drew to get the best couple award? Like what?? At least I get to blame all this weirdness on hormones. 


According to an app I have (I’m using Ovia Pregnancy) baby is 6 inches long and weighs about 8 1/2 oz. so the produce he is most like is a “zesty zucchini.” 

He’s moving around lots and I am overwhelmed with love for him. I imagine holding him in my arms for the first time on a daily basis. 




  1. I’m just shaking my head and smiling with joy for you! Thank you for sharing! Babies do strange things to our bodies and it’s all worth it. Congratulations again!

  2. Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I am reading this with your voice in my head lol! I love putting myself in your shoes (even tho I have NO IDEA) and imagining your joy…. thank you so much for sharing Tiff! You’re always find joy in the SMALLEST things, ever since we were teens, and it’s SO COOL to see the continuum of joy you observe in this journey! Baby Fajen ❤️

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