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Blogging and social media is a wonderful, magical, dangerous thing. Basically, you can project yourself as whoever you like and only share your most attractive aspects and that is your true presence to the internet world.

Personally, I find myself doing that because I post when I feel inspired. This feeling comes when my O.O.T.D. is looking F.I.N.E. or when I’ve just spent 35 minutes on my eyeliner (slight exaggeration), or maybe when I’m moved by a thought or action of someone I look up to.

The thing is that I’m not perfect. And I want to take this post to be honest and open with you. If you respond with a “duh you’re not perfect,” then I want to say back to you: THANK YOU. I want people to see my imperfections. I want people to see that I am right there with them and I am, in fact, a real person who makes mistakes and gets zits and has pillow lines on her face when she wakes up.

That being said, I still believe I am beautiful. For some ridiculous reason there is a stigma of imperfection. For the same ridiculous reason imperfection translates to “not beautiful.” If you are someone who believes this, let me be the one to tell you that that is 100% not true. In fact, your imperfections make you not basic.

Imperfections can be cosmetic like blemishes or messy hair, but they are also things like talking on the phone too loudly or interrupting people when you’re super excited about something. These are characteristics that make me feel self-conscious but they are also attributes that make me Tiffany.

Join me in embracing uniquity. Here is a completely cliche and completely valid challenge: Be true to yourself.  Seriously though, don’t try to be someone else, it’s not worth all the time and effort. Laugh loudly and truly love yourself.

“Oh well, pobody’s nerfect.” -Pam Beesly

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I chose the photo of myself in the beginning of this post because it shows some of my imperfections. blotches, disheveled hair, freckles, flaky mascara, the whole sha-bang. And in black and white, you can really see the texture and emphasis of these features. But honestly, I love it. I’m learning to be confident in my own skin and to really cherish who I am.

I shared some of myself with you and now I want to open this up to you guys. I want to hear some of your imperfections AND some of your favorite things about yourself. Share them below and continue the conversation.

With love,



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