A note about Glossier + beauty from within

I have been extremely inspired by the people over at Glossier, so please let me go off for a bit.

In the beauty world it is so easy to get caught up in the costume of make-up that we forget how naturally beautiful we really are. I feel like we as consumers are told and pressured to “need” insert unnecessary product because there is something wrong with us. There needs to be a shift in motivation for selling these products, and Glossier is activating that:

Above all, we believe that you give life to products–products don’t breathe life into you.

How rare it is to find a beauty company that tells you that you are great just the way you are..yes you–male or female. Right this very second and when you wake up in the morning, watery-eyed and your cheek is stamped with the pattern of your wrinkly pillow, you are beautiful. You are beautiful because (wait for it) you are you.

Glossier focuses on the importance of glowing (glossing?) from within. Take care of your skin first, and then play with glitter and neon colors and whatever else broadcasts that gorgeous personality you have. Take care of yourself not because you are lacking, but because you are worth it!

Glossier, although I haven’t tried your products yet, I am inspired by the message you give to girls of all ages. Thanks to you, I am wearing nothing on my face other than moisturizer today. Cheers to you for empowering me to feel comfortable in my own skin.

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Check out Glossier here:
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