Repurposing Vintage Jewelry


Raise your hand if you like thrifting! Finding amazing things at estate sales and thrift stores (oh, you can put your hand down now) excites me probably a little too much! Last summer I went to an estate sale in the Alberta Arts District on a whim and found some incredible silver beads along with a sweet hat and other random things. But oh my gosh–the beads. I am not 100% sure, but I think they were hand wrapped wooden beads (maybe even hand-made beads themselves!) with silver thread. some were hollow and some were solid with metal loops. These babies have been in my collection of finds for what feels like forever, so I am really happy I got to use them!


After I had decided to make my sister-in-law jewelry for her birthday, I knew I wanted to get my supplies from Collage in Sellwood. If you are into any craft at all, and I mean ANY project–painting, jewelry making, candle making, knitting (the list goes on) definitely check this place out. They have a couple of locations so I try to stop in whenever I pass by. How is it that a store can make you “need” all the things?! Love that place.  So I picked up some leather, jump rings, and all of the other pieces I needed, including those adorable tiny bee charms and was on my way.

It was really fun experimenting putting pieces together! I grabbed some old jewelry I had from before and deconstructed it for the cute charms. So happy loved the finished product!




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