5 Ways to Enjoy New York

New York is a city bursting with culture and things to keep you entertained. Drew and I had the absolute privilege to visit that wonderful city in September and we would love to share our fun with you!

First off, I put a little video together of some of the fun stuff we did! Enjoy:

 Here are 5 Ways to Enjoy New York:

1. Take it Slow

It is so easy to mimic the pace of the vibrant life of New Yorkers and rush around trying to see everything without taking a breath. One of the very most beneficial pieces of advice I can give on going to New York (or any city bigger than your hometown for that matter!) is to take your time. Create a list of activities in order of importance and start at the top! Chances are you will not do all of those things anyway, so why not start with your favorite? Bonus: If you really want to have a full experience, meet people! Don’t be afraid to compliment someone’s art or pet a kitty. There are some really interesting humans over there.

2. Go Shopping 

We went into the city with a budget, but that doesn’t mean we had to sit inside and watch television all day (although we did get to see Jimmy Fallon practice his monologue IN REAL LIFE. That’s a different story). We did a lot of window shopping and did spend a little money on things we really liked. How else would I have tried on a $540.00 dress?! We had a ton of fun pampering ourselves. I also got an amazing manicure at PaintBox and Drew got a good old fashioned barbershop haircut and shave.  IMG_3190 IMG_3295

3. Appreciate Art

Go to museums! We went to a few and got to spend 5 hours at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and let me tell you, it’s truly a magical place. We got to see real Van Gogh and Monet paintings, plus many more pieces we had only dreamed of seeing in real life. So worth it. Not to mention all of the street artists and concerts and graffiti, oh that Brooklyn graffiti.


4. Eat and Drink

Not talking about Panda Express or Starbucks, people. There are countless local restaurants and dozens of coffee shops, most we never had heard of! Get some organic juice at The Juice Press or coffee at El Rey to name a few. I’m thinking I’ll give Drew a chance to write a post about the amazing coffee shops we went to, it’s totally his thing.
Side note, one late night after going to an Animal Collective show, we wanted food but NOTHING was serving, so a bouncer at club we passed by told us to go to IHOP down the street. One of the craziest experiences ever. Ask us about it sometime. We did a LOT of eating out and we drank tons of coffee. We may or may not have gone to 6 coffee shops in one day. But who’s counting anyway?

IMG_3068                          IMG_3294 IMG_2883 IMG_3296 IMG_3181 IMG_3150

5. Watch a Skyline Sunset

There is this tiny park in Brooklyn, I don’t remember the name, but you can see the NYC skyline and bridges and so much more all at once. On the night of 9/11 we stumbled upon this park and sat for an hour and watched the sunset and prayed for the families affected by the attack that happened in 2001. Our hearts go out to all of you, you are so strong. Seeing that sunset really was  an emotional thing for us. I sat and amazed at the beauty that God had made in that sunset and the works of humans constructing the buildings it shines behind. New York truly is a beautiful place.




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