Around Our Home + Exciting Reader Survey!

Hello wonderful people! As you have most likely noticed, some pretty amazing things have been happening on my little corner of the internet. I’ve been taking advice from the gorgeous ladies of A Beautiful Mess and have been reorganizing and reworking my blog. It’s been challenging, but fun, and I can feel it moving forward. Doing all of this work myself hasn’t been exactly a walk in the park. Learning HTML and all that nerdy lingo ;) is really eye-opening to the possibilities of my future as a blogger. On a side note, I’m taking a flower arranging class and I made my first arrangement! What do you think?



Speaking of my future in blogging, I spent a little bit of time creating a super quick 8 question survey to ask you, yes YOU, to give some feedback to my blog. I want to know what you want to see and how you’re liking things so far, so it would mean a whole lot if you took a minute and a half to check it out!
Take the super fantastical amazing exciting reader survey here to support this aspiring blogger (and be my best friend!). <3

Just because you’re awesome, here are some photos of inspiring spaces around our home.

IMG_3493 IMG_3492 IMG_3449

IMG_3479IMG_3468             IMG_3462IMG_3466 IMG_3469


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