Hello from 10,000 feet!

Guys, currently I am approximately 10,000 feet up in the air flying over some mysterious chunk of land (I really wish there was a way for me to know my exact location) and I would say we have about 3 hours left of our flight to BWI. So, you can do the geographic locating research if you want, I’ll just keep writing.

Here’s how it went down: Drew and I woke up this morning rather chipper in the middle of the night at 3:13a (don’t ask me why I can’t be human and set a regular alarm like the rest of the world) and had about 15 minutes to get ready and head out the door. We made it to the airport with about an hour to spare and that’s when it hit me. The thought which was conceived about 6 months ago of us floating across the sky to a far, far away foreign land finally hit me. Through all of the planning and all of the packing and talking about the trip, I somehow managed to keep the reality of this idea disconnected from my brain. Thankfully my husband is so amazing and thoughtful and helpful and the list really could go on.

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for this memorable 9-day adventure. The thought of new foods, new people, new smells (hopefully more good than bad), new events, and of course new sights gets me so pumped up. I’m really glad I stuffed my suitcase as full as I did so I am not tempted to pack-rat every napkin and piece of garbage I get my hands on.

I am so thankful and honored that you’re here, and it’s my wish that you’ll enjoy this crazy ride with me.

Tell me: would you want us to take videos of our adventures or will pictures do the trick? We want to enjoy this experience, but I may want to explore the idea of video blogging as well. Please comment your thoughts below!

IMG_2762 IMG_2764 IMG_2767 IMG_2769 IMG_2779 IMG_2781


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