We are leaving for New York at 5am (I REPEAT: FIVE A-M) tomorrow, so we will definitely be tired. However, we want to bring you along on this trip! 

Things I’m looking forward to:
-riding bikes across the Brooklyn Bridge

-drinking delicious coffee -being shoved around by busy people

-seeing the statue of liberty

-NY Fashion Week

-diving deep into a huge city with my best friend

For more up-to-minute updates, follow me on Instagram at @tiffanyfajen and Drew at @drrwfajen. We even have a hashtag started up! #FajensInNewYork


This is the last post about our honeymoon for now! We still have 2 more rolls of film to develop, so lets just hope it doesn’t take us another year. 
These photos show us venturing Victoria. From The Empress to Skafest, you really can see it all! 

R1-04521-026A R1-04521-027A R1-04521-024A R1-04521-020A R1-04521-011A R1-04521-009A R1-04521-006A R1-04521-004A R1-04521-003A R1-04521-001AR1-04521-002AR1-04521-031A R1-04521-032A


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