Yeah yeah, it has been a year since our honeymoon, but WE FINALLY DEVELOPED OUR FILM TODAY! 
We took a 35mm with us to Vancouver and Victoria BC on our honeymoon and shot a bunch of photos of our adventures. Here, we got our first tattoos, crossed a few bridges, and so much more. Expecting only a few successfully developed photos, we were excited to see three fairly packed envelopes sitting in the pick-up box at the developing counter! 

Reminiscing is always fun. 

Side note: Drew and I are leaving for New York the day after tomorrow! Comment below places we have to see, because we have never been to the east coast! (Eeep so excited!)


Without further yada-yada, I present to you part 1 of  #thehoneymoonadventuresoftiffanyanddrew. Look that hashtag up on Instagram. It’s totally a thing.





R1-04522-019AR1-04522-023A R1-04522-027A R1-04522-028A R1-04522-030A






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