I climbed a bridge!

Every so often I get that urge to go adventuring with a friend. I’m so blessed that I have a few that are itching to do that with me! My buddy Lauren and I packed up and drove to St. Johns to grab some much longed for photography of the gorgeous St. Johns Bridge. It is by far the prettiest bridge in Portland. She told me to climb up the side of the bridge, so I did..like 2 feet up. Then I went to take pictures of her up there and she freakin’ climbed that thing basically to the top!  Of course, I (cautiously) followed her lead and did the same. I was just surprised at how quickly and diligently she climbed right on up! Foreshadowing of her LIFE? Probably.

 And uh, shout-out to that random dad for taking a few photos (and a video?!?!) of us up there. 





We then ventured farther north to shoot some more photos but by the time we got some pretty good shots, our stomachs were yelling at us to get some grub. So of course, we got Thai take-out and drank fancy French wine to end the day.


ImageAll of the photos of me shot by Lauren


BONUS: Here is a picture of me and Lauren at my wedding reception! Ain’t she a beaut? She’s also a great photographer. Go find her on instagram @laurensvatos. I love you Lauren, you lovely cat lady, you!


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