Brewing with Chemex

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Have you ever wanted to be that cool cat and whip out your Chemex in front of guests but you weren’t exactly sure how to use it? Well ladies and gentlemen, your day has finally come.

To make a Chemex that serves about 2 people:

Choose great coffee. We’re fond of roasts by CoavaStumptown, and Trailhead, but to mix things up a bit, we used Rose City Coffee Company. Good stuff!
Grind, and grind, and grind some more. 44g of whole coffee beans.
Boil 700g of water.
Prep the Chemex by setting the filter open side up, and wet it just like in 8th grade chemistry. We used the Chemex brand natural prefolded squares.
Pour ground coffee into filter, and prepare yourself for the most fun part of the whole process.
In a circular motion, starting from the outside in, use your goose neck kettle to wet all of the coffee grounds. Once they are all wet, wait for it to drain and repeat this step until your water is completely gone.
Remove filter and serve coffee into your favorite mug.
Sip and enjoy like the real connoisseur you are.

 The song featured in this video is Step by Vampire Weekend.


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