The Fajens got a tree.

Hello beautiful people,

Let me start by saying how much fun Black Friday was! Instead of being shoved and having my hair pulled in a shopping mall at 1a, I got to blissfully walk the chilly streets of downtown Portland with five lovely (nonviolent) folks. We participated in Little Boxes this year and shopped at local businesses and Drew and I got a few amazing gifts for people, including a wonderful wooden spherical ornament for our first Christmas tree (wow what a gorgeous little run-on sentence this is) from Woonwinkel. Anyway, it was a very fun scavenger hunt adventure. Totally do it next year if you can.

I have had this really odd addiction to tea, mainly peppermint, lately. It’s great, but it does have it’s side effects..tmi? Yeah, sorry. Today, already I’ve had four cups! That, along with all of the juice I’m consuming must be what’s keeping me from catching a cold (knock on wood) so far.

Speaking of cold, we went to Kirchem Farm a few days ago and Drew and I got our very first Christmas tree! Please enjoy a few photos of the day.

Bonus points if you can spot the sneaky photo bombers in one of these pictures. My family rules.


Our Christmas tree in all of his glory, right before we brought him home. vImage

Cheerful wishes!


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