Scheduling in the fun.


Life has been pretty busy around these parts, so between classes, new jobs for Drew and I, and the art of fixing up our new apartment, the only free time we have we want to spend together. Making dinner, running errands, even dates. As much as we love spending time with each other, hanging out with friends rarely happens. Soon our life will flow more seamlessly (maybe ;)) but for now, we’ll be scheduling friend time. It works, eh? So tonight, while he’s out with his buddy, I’m writing this post about hanging out with my buddy, Lauren. We went to a great coffee shop in NE Portland the other day and we got chai teas and talked about life. Here’s to lasting friendships after marriage!

P.s. Drew and I will have been married 3 months in just 2 days! Time is flying by! Movies are right about one thing: marrying your best friend the BEST.


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